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Welcome to Carroll Consulting!

Brexit brings a lot of question marks with it. It will affect the business world. We are your B2B business research specialist for the German-speaking markets. We are based in Germany and focus our support in Germany and Austria.

Welcome to Carroll Consulting. Our focus is on B2B market analysis and communications for small and medium enterprises (SME’s). We are your local partner in Germany and Austria for B2B market intelligence and business communications / marketing. Our service comprises of several modules to ensure you make the most of your opportunities in Germany and/or Austria – both in the short and long term.

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Make the most of Brexit!

Market Communications Germany and AustriaMake the most of Brexit by ensuring that you are best informed on potential opportunities in Germany and/or Austria.

We will analyse the market in Germany and/or Austria and inform you of the potential for success for your product or service. We will iron our your uncertainties on your potential opportunity for business success in Germany and Austria. We can research your market and provide you with value-added information from which you can take a more levelled, positive decision. And if that decision should be to invest in bringing your product or service to the German-speaking markets, we can be here for you every step of the way in providing a proposal on the route to market and an in-depth communications plan.

We offer three business packages that have been created to fulfil your particular business needs:

Package 1

Introductory package

You want to get a brief overview of your potential market in Germany/Austria? This package is made up of one week’s desk research. It includes a written presentation based upon agreed research requirements.

Package 2

In-depth market research

Time-set market research project. Here we set the goals based from your requirements

Package 3

Longer-term marketing and communications support in Germany and Austria.

Here we cover all the bases to ensure you have professional marketing support in Germany/Austria.

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