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About Carroll Consulting

The lead consultant, founder and owner of Carroll Consulting – John Carroll – is originally from Manchester, England and moved to Germany in 1994, having previously spent two years in Austria. Having had several senior sales management positions for British and German companies, John Carroll set up Carroll Consulting in 2008 to provide communications and consulting support. John Carroll was educated at William Hulme’s Grammar School in Manchester, The University of Liverpool and UMIST in Manchester.

John Carroll has extensive knowledge of Germany and Austria – having lived in Berlin, Hamburg, Bavaria, Münster, Billerbeck, Graz and now Dorsten.

After having completed a Master of Sciences degree at UMIST in Manchester, John Carroll left for Germany in 1994 as a sales executive for a British company.

With true interest in understanding the clients and their needs, passion for work and drive for success – turnover doubled in Germany and Austria and new responsibilities were given – ultimately as sales director for all products and all markets in Europe. With that goal reached and the desire to set up his own company led to John Carroll to found Carroll Consulting in 2008 for marketing and communications. In the wake of Brexit and his strong beliefs for the European market, John Carroll expanded his company in 2017 to support British companies in Germany and Austria.

Carroll Consulting is based in Dorsten, near to Düsseldorf.

John Carroll

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