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We work with you to write the press releases, editorials and advertorials.

We work hands on and will ensure that the texts meet exactly the requirements you are looking for – written in the right way to reflect your company philosophy and goals.

Our experience shows time and again. The written word is worth its weight in gold. Advertising without corresponding press information will have a lesser effect.

Make sure you use your chances to the maximum by having focused press information ready on a regular basis. Readers want to be informed and learn about new things. Together we create a press plan to ensure that you are in the industry press on a regular basis and furthermore providing value-added content that wants to be read. Remember it is also about how it’s written. It has to be precise, interesting and easy to understand. This is a work of art in its own. A work of art that we know how to bring to life at Carroll Consulting.

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Press releases in germany and austria

We can create the adverts for you – both print and online.

Our team will ensure that the adverts stand out against your competition.

Creating the right adverts all depends on the messages you wish to give to your potential customers. We need to understand your core competence and ensure that this is clear in the advert.

What makes you different? What makes you better? How are you going to improve things? We need to understand what the competition is doing – how they present themselves. Only when we have the full picture can we decide on how the advert should look. We need to be looking at the market and the potential chance of success through the targeted clients’ eyes.

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Advertising in germany and austria

Once we know your market and market players, we can then present to you the market print and online B2B media... well as social media to ensure that your adverts will reach your potential new clients. You will strengthen your brand with a long-term advertising plan.

We will inform you of the pricing myriad and once the advertising budget is set, we can manage this for you. At the end of the day there is only a certain amount of money you can invest in advertising.

We help you find that budget and then adhere to it. We create the budget plan based upon the maximum possible reach to the market. Advertising should be linked with press releases as much as possible and we will work with the industry press to gain their editorial support when we give them advertising support. A win-win situation with the industry press will place you in a better position. Yet we have to ascertain which position you would like to be in – and thus how much to invest of the advertising budget ‘cake’ so that the slices match the potential gain.

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Advertising Budget in germany and austria

We work together with a team of native speakers to ensure that your messages appear in the right local language.

We have many years of experience with this translations team. The results are timely and cost-effective.

A multilingual focus goes without saying. In today’s technology you may think that free internet solutions could be the way. Just pick up the Oxford English Dictionary and see how many different meanings many words have. Choose the wrong meaning and you can ruin the sense of the text. Furthermore, each industry has its own jargon, words that are only used in this particular industry. A good translator is also a researcher, ensuring the industry terms are correctly translated. Translations have to be just as good as the original text. That is our job.

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