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We’ll find out how big the market is in Germany and/or Austria for you to assess your opportunities.

This information on the market size will help you assess the level of focus and the urgency to enter into / build your market here. Based upon the agreed research parameters, we can give you the necessary insight into the German and/or Austrian markets you are looking for.

Your long-term chance of success is based upon the right foundation. This foundation is created through acting out the correct strategy. The correct strategy is made based upon the information available. The information is based upon having the right market research.

Carroll Consulting is your right market research partner.

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Market Research, Analysis, Conclusion

We will inform you of the traditional route to market for your product in Germany and/or Austria.

Is it a market to sell directly to customers or should the route be via distributors? If so, we’ll let you know who they could be.

Choosing the right route to market is fundamental. You can have the best product or service but if you are not reaching your potential clients, then your chances of success will reduce.

Increase your potential but choosing the right route to market. With this information in hand, you can decide upon the route to market that best fits your company and best reaches potential new customers. This might include recruiting new staff in Germany/Austria, finding distribution partners and simply deciding to sell direct from the UK. The information we provide you with ensure you make the right decision – ultimately saving on costs and ensuring you act upon the correct strategy right from the start.

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Pricing levels mostly differ in each country and it is essential to understand the pricing level for your product in Germany and/or Austria.

You cannot afford to be giving important margins away. We will assess the market prices and make our recommendations.

We will help you understand the potential demand for your product or service. Similarly, looking to your competitors and the prices they charge will put you in good stead to see how to best position yourself. Market pricing differs from industry to industry and this price elasticity needs to be ascertained.

This is where we support you.

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Market Pricing

The analysis is not just a presentation on your potential competitors. We will look directly at the competitor products and provide an overview on their strengths and weaknesses.

This tool will enable you to better position your product and focus on its unique selling point(s).

The focus is not just to understand the competitor offering and the corresponding product/service prices. It is paramount to understand how the individual competitors are viewed in the market – how much they are respected, how much they are trusted.

How good is the service they are offering? How satisfied are customers not only in the short term but also in the long term? A customer has to have a reason to change. We all know that we as human beings do not like change. We often avoid change. We need to understand why change is for the better before enacting it. The same is true in business. It is not just about the product/service and its price; it’s about the people interaction, how good the companies work in providing a service, reacting to problems, keeping to promised delivery times, giving the right advice, ensuring they have the right maintenance plan if anything should go wrong and that people behind the company name are open, honest and supportive. We will help you to find the competitor weakness/weaknesses to ensure you adopt the correct business approach.

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